Best Magic the Gathering Expansions and Bundles

Getting Magic the Gathering expansions is the best way to expand your deck and change the ways you can play. Expansions like Guilds of Ravnica provide a great starting point to diversify a new player’s deck, while other expansions provide new creatures and mechanics that will freshen up the game for seasoned players.

I love buying bundles and expansions because the value is enormous. Rather than spend upwards of four dollars for a single pack of cards, the bundles often provide up to ten packs for around thirty dollars. And that’s not including the added bonuses that we’re going to look at!

 As always, what you end up receiving in the bundles is luck of the draw. But buying in bulk is your best chance to get great mythics and other rare cards to bolster your binder!

If you haven’t had any experience with Magic the Gathering expansions before, Guilds of Ravnica is a good place to start. With over 200 new cards, this is a great way to flesh out your first deck and start your collection. 

I’ve found that each set tends to favour one guild over the others, so you might have to buy a few to increase your chances of getting cards from a certain guild. But otherwise, I find this expansion is worth it for the shock lands alone. I always try to keep one handy in my deck to add some strategy to each game!

As a celebration of Magic the Gathering’s 30th anniversary, Dominaria United goes back to the plane of the original game. For those who want to be nostalgic, or for those who like the original lore, this is a great set to have!

And for those who might remember the old game, this bundle has a 3% chance of pulling Legend cards from the 1994 set. Since these are long out of circulation, it’s a great opportunity to try and get some really hard-to-find cards!

Even if you don’t get the rare cards you were hoping for though, I find the box and all the added accessories are worth the purchase. I love the little art cards they throw in now!

I like the “criminal underworld” theme of this expansion. Compared to a lot of the Magic content, I think this is a unique new take on the existing lore. 

As a bonus in these boxes, 25% have a chance of containing a List card. These are rare cards from Magic history. Compared to most of the rare material you can expect, that’s a pretty high chance.

If you don’t want to play with chances though, there’s still a guaranteed traditional or gilded foil card in every box. If you love fleshing out the aesthetics of your card library, these are always good to have!

Compared to other Magic the Gathering expansions, Zendikar Rising adds much more than just new cards. With the introduction of two-faced cards, party systems, and the return of some old mechanics, Zendikar really takes a new direction in the gameplay.

If you’re trying to find different strategies to play, I’d recommend getting this expansion. While it may have too many new features for beginners, seasoned players all seem to appreciate the gameplay-shaking mechanics included here. 

While I got a lot of great cards from this, I did get some bent foil cards. If this happens for you, putting in the deck under some weight with help! Otherwise this is a great set, and I always use the included spin-down D20!

While this one has fewer cards than some of the other Magic the Gathering expansions, the added content in the bundle and the chances for rare cards make up for it. I had a friend pull three rare cards, each worth more than the bundle itself!

If you like the gothic horror theme of this one, you’ll love adding creature cards like vampires and angels to your deck. Visually, the artwork on the cards and the packaging is stunning! If you’re more of a collector than a player, this is a must-have set to add some new visual elements to your library. Even the included die has some unique designs! This is a really cool bundle if you want some personal flair to your set-up.

Adding Magic the Gathering expansions and bundles to your collection gets you more than just cards. I find the advantage of buying the bundles is all the added accessories. Along with the packs of cards, they all come with booklets and dies to enhance your immersion in the game. Typically the bundles have increased chances of pulling rare or out-of-print cards from the game’s past too, so you can craft a far more unique deck with these than if you just bought individual packs.

Whether you want to get started with Magic or want to keep buying, the bundles are a convenient way of getting all new content at a good value. While there’s never a guarantee to get the card you want in Magic, buying these bundles is probably your best chance of affordably building a deck that’ll be the envy of your friends! 

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