Best Legacy Board Games

Before computer and mobile games became as popular as they are today, top selling board games dominated! There were tons of exciting varieties you could play depending on your interest. Without a doubt, the best legacy board games were just as fun as the latest video games you find people playing today.

The best classic games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Chess are still being played worldwide. They are excellent for picnics, game nights, and many other gatherings. Additionally, the introduction of legacy board games upped the ante for board game enthusiasts. However, while most people are familiar with classic board games, not everyone knows what legacy games are.

Legacy board games are dynamic board games with rules and components that evolve each time you play them. The pattern of the game depends on the outcome of the game played and players’ decisions. Some of the best are Pandemic Legacy and Gloomhaven.

This article highlights some of the best legacy board games and classic board games that you can lay your hands on. So, let’s get started!

Top Five Best Legacy Board Games

One remarkable thing about board games is that you don’t need to worry about electricity or your battery running out. You can bring out your board in almost any location and have a fun game with your friends. Also, you don’t need to connect to the internet to have a good time. There are tons of games available, but we have narrowed down the list to include only the best of the best:

Although Pandemic Legacy wasn’t the first legacy board game ever made, it became one of the first to really capture the hearts of fans, and it quickly became a mainstream board game. As a result, this is arguably the best legacy board game you can play today.

It counts as a month of in-game time when players finish a round. The goal is to meet the given objects for each round.

A complete play of Pandemic Legacy Season 1 typically takes 12 games (given that you’re an incredible player and you don’t lose a game). However, you could get up to 24 plays out of the box. Each player will be instructed to draw some cards randomly from a legacy deck, and the story leads you to open small boxes or take specific actions on the board.

The game starts easy. There are four viruses, and each player must cure them before they run out of cards or the pandemic worsens. As the gameplay continues, the viruses become mutated and have deadly abilities. All the while, the board continues to shift.

Monopoly is the true definition of one of the best classic board games and is one of the greatest ever made. Since it was first introduced in 1935, millions of people worldwide have become real estate moguls in this game of buying property. It is one of the best games for kids 10 – 12, or really any age.

This board game requires a mix of risk, luck, and strategy. Since you’ll be buying and selling properties, every move must be calculated, so you don’t go bankrupt too quickly or even end up in jail.

Every player has an equal amount of money at the start of the game. You are allowed to buy any of the available properties on the board. You make a profit or income when other players pay you rent when they land on any of your properties. The goal of Monopoly is to become the wealthiest player while your opponents become bankrupt. The more property you have, the higher your chances of you winning.

Gloomhaven is also one of the best legacy board games on the market. You’ll need to go down into scary dungeons for action adventures in this game. In the dungeon, you’ll encounter different monsters you’d have to defeat. Also, you can return to town to heal your wounds, level up, or acquire better equipment.

Every player controls a hero with different abilities and equipment. There is a card mechanic that supports your abilities and also provides resources. However, your victory depends mainly on how you play your cards and coordinate with other players. In Gloomhaven, your heroes are retired after a legacy campaign, and new ones are unlocked. So, you start with a newer (probably better) hero along with the existing party.

Scrabble is another popular classic board game that everyone has to try atleast once! It’s a big word game with endless possibilities. You need to spell out meaningful words and score as many points as possible.

At the start of the game, every player is given seven random letter tiles, and every letter has a different point value. So, it’s up to the players to come up with possible word combinations that can earn them the highest points possible. While the game is on, someone would need to keep track of each turn and points acquired. The game ends when there are no more tiles available or no free spaces on the boards to form words. The winner is the player with the highest points.

Although Catan comes last on this list, it still deserves a spot as one of the best classic/legacy board games. It is a strategy game that was first released in 1995. The whole idea of the game is to manage various resources to build a new civilization. Players will have to trade and build settlements to dominate their opponents. This is one of those games purpose built for 3 people or more.

The basic idea of the game seems simple enough, but it requires some strategy to be victorious. When you build towns, you earn points. However, you’ll need different varieties to do so. The board is random, so you must place your buildings carefully. Another interesting fact about Catan is that players could trade goods and resources to achieve their goals.


So, there you have it! A compilation of the best classic board games and the best legacy board games. If you’ve been confused about which one to pick for yourself, friends or family, we hope this list has been helpful enough. So, go ahead and choose whichever suits your preferences and enjoy a thrilling game.

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