Best Baby Gates for top of Stairs

At A Glance

PictureProduct NameRatingSize
PictureProduct NameRatingSize
81IOh7vR7UL._SL1500_eMulti-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate4.528-48 inches wide 36 inches tall
61XJbVSLhcL._SL1316_North States Industries Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate4.328 - 48 inches wide 31 inches tall
81CMB0WMz8L._SL1500_Evenflo, Top of Stairs, Extra Tall Gate4.330-48 inches wide 32 inches tall
51oIcngE2MLKidCo Angle Mount Safeway4.128-42 inches wide 31 inches tall
718Rr7GHJoL._SL1000_Kidco Safeway Gate4.124.75 - 43.5 inches wide 30.5 inches tall


In Depth Review of the best baby gates for top of stairs

I provide the At a Glance review for people who want a quick overview of the products. Here I’ll go into the features of each and why I included them.

Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Size: 28-48 inches wide

This gate has a threshold, but it’s the only one on this list that does.  I included it because it is the highest rated gate and it’s the one my sister uses. She loves it and owns two!

This gate is metal construction and includes the pressure mounts for hallways and hardware mounts which make it ideal as a baby gate for stairs.  This gate has a swing stop to prevent the gate from opening over the stairs and has the auto-close feature.  This gate is designed to open one handed and works very well.

The drawback of this gate is that the opening is only 17 inches wide. If you need to take suitcases or anything wider than a human, you’re going to need to lift it up and over – possibly a chore with a gate that is extra tall.  Even with this drawback this baby gate for stairs is still a great option for keeping you kids safe.

North States Industries Supergate Easy Swing and Lock Metal Gate

Size: 28-48 inches
This baby gate for stairs has no threshold and has a swing stop feature, so the gate will not swing over the stairs.  This baby gate will open the full width of the opening it is installed at and is easily used with one hand.

This gate is also a self-locking gate, and comes with the pressure mount installation hardware as well as the extra secure hardware for staircases making this baby gate for stairs usable and secure anywhere you need.


Evenflo, Top of Stairs, Extra Tall Gate

Size: 30-48 inches
This baby gate for stairs has a four point mounting hardware for extra security.  It has a swing stop to prevent the gate from opening over the stairs, and a latch that is workable with one hand, although this latch is a little bit more difficult to undo than others on this list.  This makes it ideal for older toddlers or youngsters that are a quick study.  This gate has no threshold to ensure no tripping at the top of the stairs.

You will also be able to set the swing of this gate to any direction, so it’s perfect for the top of the stairs or a hallway where you need the full width of the hall.

The biggest both advantage and disadvantage of this gate is the slightly more complicated latching mechanism.  On a positive note a lot of older toddlers who have figured out how to open most gates in the house have not figured this gate out.   That feature alone makes this ideal for parents struggling with kids accessing places they shouldn’t (like going downstairs in the middle of the night).  On the negative side, this latching mechanism requires you to depress a blue button on top, push from the bottom up and slid it out of the latching mechanism before being able to move the gate.  Not rocket science, but absolutely more difficult than any other on this list.

KidCo Angle Mount Safeway



Size: 28-42 inches
This baby gate for stairs has no threshold, a swing stop and one hand adult operation.  This is a heavy duty gate designed to be mounted at the top of stairs.  This gate does not auto-close or auto-lock.

Where this baby gate for stairs excels is that it is meant for situations where the mount points are not directly across from each other.  This is great for stairs where you need to mount one side to a banister and the other side to the wall or for when you need to mount in a hallway where the walls don’t line up.

This is the ideal baby gate for stairs if you have an uneven wall or need to block something off that doesn’t line up exactly.  KidCo’s customer service is excellent as well.


Kidco Safeway Gate

Size: 24.75-43.5 inches

This gate is a little bit more stripped down. There is no auto-close. The latch is designed to be used with one hand and there is no trip point at the threshold. I cannot find any information about a swing stop on this gate.

On the plus side this gate covers the whole width of the area it’s covering, so if you need to carry a suitcase downstairs, this gate will move completely out of the way.  If you need more room, KidCo has quick release hardware to remove the gate completely.


One drawback of this gate is that the mounting brackets are plastic.  There is potential for these to break, however the gate is warrantied for one year and KidCo will supply replacement parts.

Last Words

Baby gates for stairs are important no matter what you’re doing. Keeping your child safe and secure is the primary concern of every parent.  The gates in this list have a great cross section of very important features to ensure the baby gate is easy to use and keeps your child where they should be.

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