Sleep Sheep Review

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The Sleep Sheep by Cloud B is a staple of baby showers and is typically part of any new parent’s day to day life.  There is good reason for this. This portable baby sound machine is an excellent product that helps your baby feel comfortable while away from their crib and ensures a great sleep no matter where they drop off.

Sleep Sheep’s Best Features

Multiple Characters
The Sleep Sheep has become a line all by itself.  Now you can get the same great portable sound machine in a whole bunch of different characters. They include Frankie Fox, Gentle Giraffe, Natural Owl just to name a few.

Machine Washable
Washing the Sleep Sheep is very simple just remove the sound machine innards from the sleep sheep and toss the stuff animal part into the washing machine with your regular load.  This easy maintenance keeps sleep sheep soft and cuddly for your little one – and makes it easy to keep sanitary (as babies put EVERYTHING into their mouths).

Attaches Easily
The Sleep Sheep has a Velcro strap that makes it easy to attach this sound machine to a car seat, crib, playpen or wherever your little one happens to land for their nap.

Sleep Sheep Sound Machine Benefits

Two sleep-timer options
Cloud B has upgraded the Sleep Sheep and now it auto shuts off at 23 min or 45 min – very important if your little one needs a bit longer to settle into their nap.

Eight sounds
The selection of sounds on the Sleep Sheep line is a great variety.  All babies respond to different sounds, so having a lot of options is always a bonus.  My daughter enjoyed the heartbeat when she was younger and later preferred the rain noise.  Here is a list of the noises included in the Sleep Sheep.

  1. Heartbeat
  2. Twinkle- Twinkle
  3. Rain
  4. Rockabye Baby
  5. Surf
  6. Classic Lullaby
  7. Whale song
  8. Tranquil Melody

Sleep Sheep Review Conclusion

The Sleep Sheep is an excellent portable sound machine made even better by the recent improvements on the auto shut off and the selection of characters.  My daughter loves her Sleep Sheep (although, I think she’d be partial to Frankie Fox now that she’s a bit older).  The Sleep Sheep is an excellent buy as a baby shower gift, or if your little one struggles with naps away from their crib.




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