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Top up and Coming Dad BloggersAs a Dad blogger myself I love to keep up with what’s going on around the internet.  There are countless “mommy” blogs – and I read them as well.  But I love to see what other Dads are up to.  This list is a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of Dads that I’ve either been reading or have heard of through the internet grapevine (or to be more honest – Pinterest).  Also – when I say up and coming..some of these guys are veterans. Been at it much longer than I have  (both parenting and Online) – So here they are!




John – AskYourDadBlog.com
John became a dad blogger to share his experience of “figuring out the messier parts of being a dad.” His blog is the one you should go to if you want to ask something about fatherhood or just know something in general.






Tom – BuildingALibrary.com
Tom is a “big geek-dad” who loves to talk about everything from parenting, movies, books, and other stuff. His blog is kind of geeky, too. But if you want to find the right books for your kids, Tom is your man.


Dave – TheDadAdventurer.com
Dave is an “early 30-something” dad who created a blog to share not just his daddy experiences and learning but even his failing, musings, and misdemeanors.







Al – TheDadNetwork.co.uk/

Al believes that being a dad makes every single day “a learning curve” It’s never really easy to become a parent. But his blog will help you become a better one with its tons of helpful content and insights from the parent community.



Adrian – www.DadOrAlive.com

Adrian’s blog is all about “the confessions of an unexpected stay-at-home dad.” It’s a daddy blog full of share-worthy content to help you with your journey to fatherhood.




Alex – www.daddacool.co.uk

Alex is dubbed “Britain’s premier parent blogger” by the Sunday Times. You’ll find out why he called his site “Dadda Cool” once you follow him. Beware though, you might get addicted to his cool parenting posts – which is a lot.




Dean – www.daddynatal.co.uk

Dean believes that father’s need “practical, memorable, and enjoyable antenatal education.” His blog tries to achieve that by sharing helpful posts and even workshops for dads.




Lewis –www.dadwhoblogs.co.uk

Lewis started blogging to document his journey as a “first time daddy” to help others out there who are in the same position. He’s already a father of two and he continues to share his stories as an inspiration.






Brent – designerdaddy.com

Brent If you want to be creative with fatherhood, Brent’s blog is the one you should follow. His blog will not just tell you about dad and design stuff but lessons learned, pop culture, and more.







Charlie – www.howtobeadad.com

Charlie’s blog is not actually a “how to be a dad”-kind of blog but the “how-not-to” of becoming parents. His posts are funny and entertaining. Something you must spend time reading if you want to break free from the stress of daddy duties.







Martyn – www.insidemartynsthoughts.com/

Martyn’s blog actually centers on his two boys – Will and James. But more than that, his blog takes on some very good posts on parenting, home education, health, and lifestyle.








Armin – www.mrdad.com/

According to Time Magazine, Armin is “the superdad’s superdad.” It’s because he’s been helping fathers became better for years. If you need some proof, you can buy one of his eight bestselling books on fatherhood. If not, you can just follow his blog and discover why he’s a superdad.


Benjamin – mutteringsofafool.com/

Benjamin is the dad blogger you should follow if you want to read a blog on parenting without feeling the pressure of being a parent. He’s a dad of three so his ideas are legit. He’s a pretty good blogger, too.  I didn’t add a picture for Benjamin – he had a copyright watermark on his photos and I don’t want to offend anyone! 🙂



Jeff – owtk.com/

Jeff was a well-known blogger and author who decided to start his own daddy blog. Now, he shares stories of his travel with family, lifestyle, and everything else related to raising his daughters.





Keith – reluctanthousedad.com

Keith is the kind of dad who loves cooking so he’s blog has plenty of recipes to share. If you want to know about parenthood from a father’s point of view, he’s definitely your man.




IanIan – singleparentdad.blogspot.in

Ian’s posts are cool and funny and are a glimpse of his journey raising his son alone. Follow his blog if you want to know how he did great with his son, Max.




Ricky – skintdad.co.uk

Ricky is quite a genius with personal finance. He aims to empower daddies like him to spend less “without living without” and live better. Follow him if you want the same for you. Also his Pinterest boards are amazing!




Simon – manvspink.com/category/blog

Simon was once a producer and became a full-time dad to his daughter. Now, his struggle against “pinkification” is ongoing. You should follow him if you want fun blogs and want to learn more games from a geeky father





Tim – slouchingtowardsthatcham.com

Tim is a bona fide father of three. Dads who love some humor and tech would love Tim’s blog with all his nostalgic reflections as a dad and some more stuff he feels are important to being a dad.






Mark – www.sonnyandluca.co.uk

Mark’s blog is a fun tale of his adventure with his kids as a stay-at-home dad. The blog will have you reading lots of “tales” from parenting, fatherhood, childhood, and even embarrassing moments. He has a way with words too so you’d definitely have fun reading posts from his blog.




Jallie – whiskeyforaftershave.com

Jallie’s a proud dad to twins. He noticed the lack of daddy blogs since mommy blogs abound. So he decided to set up one where he shares his great adventure being a dad.



Whit – familylifeonearth.com/

Whit is an author and dad blogger who shares plenty about parenting, how-to advice, and a lot more stuff about kids. He’s full of humor too so his blog posts are a fun to read.







Tom – www.diaryofthedad.co.uk

Tom is another award-winning parent blogger who shares a lot about his kids and his wife/best friend. It’s a literal diary of his journey to fatherhood that you’d enjoy.

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